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I was going to use VITAS for a loved one and started asking around about them. I found out that they sometimes start injecting patients with a great deal of pain killers to make them die faster to help them stay under the Medicare average of 180 days.

I confirmed this with some board and care facilities who stated that VITAS patients tend to die faster even though they are not sicker than people on other hospice company services. I also found out that VITAS representatives cannot talk to families or loved ones anymore because they were caught making false promises and that their sales people work on commissions. Whats worse is the $250,000.00 million Medicare fraud lawsuit and numerous states suing VITAS for fraud as well as shareholders and former employees suing them. Just Google "VITAS Medicare Fraud" and see what pops up.

Finally, I found out that VITAS basically bribes doctors groups to send them patients by hiring the referring doctors on the side to perform services for them.

Talk about a conflict of interest. This company needs to be shut down.

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